IMG_9470 (1)photo by Morgan Miller
Sacred Sister, Loren is here to guide you to take the steps onto your journey and claim your innate power!  On her own journey Loren has learned what it takes to be in a relationship while continuing to honor who she is.  After many abusive relationships and situations that put her over the edge of patience Loren realized her unhappiness and unhealthiness was linked to her own disconnection to her power within.  She sought and found a new direction to overcame these places of pain and suffering.

There are many women who live feeling dis-empowered personally and especially within their relationships.  Loren is able to assist women to deeply address these issues.  With tools obtained through extensive training with the Four Winds Society, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo PhD., former Four Winds Society Dean Linda Fitch, Jose Luis Herrera of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute, and the Ellen Winner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Loren facilitates women to break out of unhealthy patterns.  She is able to clear unwanted energy of past and release the binds to old stories so they are free to create the relationships and life they truly desire.

Through her own journey, Loren has explored the realms of the energetics and how each individuals’ unique energy can affect their ability to move forward healthily and gracefully in their lives.  Loren employs energetic rites and tools specifically steeped in the traditional healing practices of the ancient medicine women/men of the high mountain Andes, Amazon and world. Paired with her life experience Loren has helped dozens of women uncover stuck places in their lives to open new doors and step on higher paths.  Loren invites women to see clearly see the freedom that has always been within.  She has personally witnessed her clients shift to love themselves more deeply, create the space needed to attract their ideal partners, cultivate a healthier family life and take a stand to become who they truly want to be.

Loren lives and works in beautiful, ever changing Kansas City Metro Area.  Loren loves to laugh, play, dance, draw, paint, sing, stitch, cook, create, organize and stretch!  She has a passion for interesting and unique experiences and a deep love and respect for all things green and growing.  Loren feels blessed to be engaged to a wonderful, spiritual and supporting man named Linton and loves a mysterious and cuddly black cat named Clementine.

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