I extend my Gratitude to the following individuals who have helped make this site possible and continue to support my journey in many ways! Thank you dear friends for you creativity and inspiration! Each of you are a gift to the universe!

Eric Atwood, thank you for your patience, support in helping design and teach me about website creation. Seriously!
Morgan Miller, thank you for you beautiful photos, your friendship and passion for life! I love you!
Sarah Tuttle, thank you for you editing and copy writing skills! You are amazing everyday!
Sarah Tuttle
Jeff Scherr, thank you for your impromptu photoshop tutorials! You are a gift!
Jeff Scherr
Adam Mills, thank you for your web tutorials and design support! This is going to just get better and better!

John Germanin Leto, for you amazing coaching and unconditional support! I am here! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Many thanks to all of my amazing clients who allow me to hold them in sacred space. You inspire me to see all that is possible in this grand universe. I appreciate you with all my heart.

And last but definitely not least so much Love and Light to all of my amazing family and friends. You are all so beautiful. Thank you for always encouraging me to be me!

With Deep Gratitude,