What is Shamanic Energy Clearing?

During a time of intense transition in my life I answered the call to actualize receiving the rites and teachings of the indigenous medicine men and women of the high mountain Andes of Peru. The sacred medicine peoples of Peru hold beautiful and powerful methods that allow people to release the energies of the past so they are free to go in a new direction. These medicine peoples are also incredibly gifted at making what seems to be an impossible dream come true. I employ the same methods to guide women to regain their innate power.

More About Shamanic Energy Clearing Sessions:

Most people have experienced a traumatic event or uncomfortable period throughout their lifetime, especially within personal relationships. These sometimes painful experiences can cause deep emotional and energetic wounding which can get tamped down into our unconscious. Even though we may not be thinking about our old wounds on a daily basis, most of us still carry these old energies which can inform our physical, emotional and energetic realities. These old wounds are like buttons that can be pushed. These buttons get carried from relationship to relationship. Think about how your last abusive relationship may have not been your first. Maybe you have the tendency to repeat the same situations, conversations or even arguments with different partners. Many will spend years in talk therapy trying to understanding their buttons. While this understanding is useful, to know why and when the buttons are being pushed, to shift our lives permanently we must continue beyond these realizations and completely remove the button. This work truly removes the button!
While just one session of energy clearing can give you an abundance of clarity to produce results, the process works best when there are regularly scheduled sessions over a set period of time. Loren works with clients all over the world via phone, Skype or in person if you reside in the Kansas City Metro area. Sessions usually last about an hour.

How to get Started:

  • First: We have a brief chat on the phone or Skype to see if we are a good match
  • Second: We schedule an initial energy clearing session.
  • Third: You choose the frequency of your ongoing sessions depending on your personal path. By sharing your commitment we have focused conversations in sacred space along with energy clearing, either weekly, or twice a month, that help you gain clarity, let go of anything that’s holding you back, navigate your crossroads, and ensure that you stay on track with your highest path. All sessions include a 30 minute follow-up call a week after the initial session to see how you are integrating.

1 Clearing Session:  $125
Package of 4 Clearing Sessions for a continued Journey: $395
Package of 8 Clearing Sessions for a deepened Sacred Journey: $785

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