‘Loren is a truly gifted healer and empath. She is endowed with a rich and playful sense of humor yet has absolute and deep reverence for the sanctity of your healing path. She takes careful time to open sacred space, both physically and energetically. She is a thoughtful and patient listener, always warm and authentic. A fearless and courageous guide, she takes you deeply into the roots of your being, shining light into darkness and restoring your connection to Spirit.’
Ashley L.
Sacred Sister, Artist and Momma
‘Since starting to work with Loren, my world has only expanded with love and light. Those moments where all is right with the world and everything just feels blissful have increased exponentially. While it’s true that everyone has to do their own work and own their issues, Loren has been an integral part of that process and making it productive and enjoyable.’
Kerry M.
Sacred Sister, Philanthropist and Mamma
‘Having sessions with Loren was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my mental health. Loren’s approach is that of kindness and non-judgment. I often find myself going to a session with the intention of talking on one specific topic, but somehow Loren gets through and helps me discover what the underlying issue really was, never making me feel awkward or as if I said something wrong.Loren provides a sense of calm that is a much desired feeling in our crazy world. After a session I have a renewed sense of self, a better understanding of what I really want, or need, a general positive outlook and an amazing renewed sense of calm. You really can feel that the energy has shifted. I am always amazing by this feeling. Our sessions have helped me better connect with the world around me and have inspired creativity in me that I thought I had left behind in childhood.I could write a novel about the revelations I’ve had after working with Loren and the self-confidence she has helped renew in me.

Loren’s work is truly amazing. I hope more people get to experience her work; the world will be a better place for it.’

Jess K.
Sacred Sister, Writer, Artist

“I scheduled a session with Loren when I was struggling to make an important decision about my future.  I was unsure of what to expect, but felt open to discovering a new approach.  Loren spent time before our session to ask me about my situation, what kind of resolution I sought and a brief description of myself and how I approach perceived struggle.   Loren opened sacred space and led me on a healing journey! After our meditation, she helped me understand any imagery or emotions that came up during the meditation and gave me resources to reference.After several sessions with Loren, I felt empowered to heal myself in situations that previously would have left me feeling weak.  I cannot thank Loren enough for helping me realize my own power/medicine and introducing me to a lifelong practice!”
Krystal M.
Sacred Sister, Entrepreneur and Friend